Triang No.77

This is my next challenge, quite a big one I think, very basic only a wooden carcass no fittings apart from 4 window frames and garage doors to work with. I have had this house for a while, I bought it from a car boot sale for £10, it has been in my greenhouse providing spiders with a home. I was not sure if I was going to do anything with it, or not it is quite a large house. The house measures 33.75 inches [84.5 cms] wide, 20 inches [50 cms] high and 12.5 inches [31cms] deep. It is not possible to date it accurately, but was probably between 1938 Р1958.

When I took these pictures I forgot to put the door panels up against the house, they have no hinges to hold them in place.

No.77Front Panels

This picture shows the two front panels, they have both been overpainted. The original paint shows up beneath it, but does not show any signs of flowers painted on them, I am sure this model has them.


The frame of this house is in quite good condition, with very little woodworm which is good news. It has however suffered from a fair amount of water damage especially around the base of the house. The green base is in very poor condition and is badly split, I will have to make a decision as to whether or not I will replace it as the house needs a good base for its size. I think it must have been stored in a shed or even a barn as it is so dusty and dirty.

The roof has been replaced by a plywood one, which is a bit rough, and will need replacing. The roof is stuck down with glue so it should be fun removing it.


This is the basket that came with the house, it had the stairs in it and the garage door, also odd bits of furniture which has seen better days.


2 thoughts on “Triang No.77

  • 2023 at

    Does anyone know someone in the south west who restores Tri-ang 77 doll’s houses?

  • 2023 at

    A tough assignment this one I think so good luck. I will enjoy watching the developments. Michelle


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