Jennys Home JR105

This is something a bit different, as space is limited these little boxes are ideal to display room settings.

Jenny Home


Jennys Home

Her wonderful house

You’ve already discovered that JENNYS HOME can be as big or as little as you want. This is the wonder of it. It can start just a one one-room home, tiny but perfect. It can grow to a long, one-storey house. L-shaped or built round a centre court-yard. It can have a single attic – a whole second floor, or end up a block of flats! The shape and size are up to you, and what’s more, you can change and change about as you want.

GIRLS! Here’s Jenny’s Home!

A beautiful  home for you to love and care for!  Build it up room by room just exactly the way you want!  Fill it with all kinds of wonderful JENNYS HOME furniture, curtains and carpets!  And there’s Jenny!  Reads to cook and clean, sit and sew – there’s never been such fun for girls before!  See what you and Jenny can do!


Jennys Home Box


Make JENNYS HOME grow even bigger!  You can buy extra rooms in two sizes to put all Jenny’s wonderful Furniture in!  She has a nursery, bed-room, dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, garden-shed and verandah.  You can even buy a swing, see-saw and slide for Jenny’s playtime!  See them in colour in JENNYS HOME Book. Start collecting the furniture right away!


Jennys Home Box

The box shows various ways you can put Jennys Home together.  There are two large rooms and one small room in this box.

Jennys Home Box


She stands up, sits down.  You can can dress her too!
Complete with lighting and instructions.  Battery not included.  Requires one 4.5 volt ER 126 or equivalent.

All the doors and windows open Roof lifts off too!

Complete with wall-to-wall carpets and curtain material!
Table Lamp and Standard Lamp LIGHT UP!

[The furniture included: Bookcase, Green Wing Chair, Green TV Chair, Green Dressing Table, Green Bed, Sink, Kitchen Chair, Standard Lamp, Table Lamp]

JR.105 Made in Northern Ireland by SPOT-ON Models Limited. Planned in association with HOMES AND GARDENS magazine. [small – A Triang Product]


Jenny Home


Jenny Home

The large room [JR102] measures 11 x 8 inches x 5.5 inches high, with a removable transparent ceiling, opening door and sliding picture window. It would have come complete with fitted carpet and curtain material.

Jennys Home Large Room


Jennys room come in two sizes. When you want to extend her home and join the rooms together all you have to do is to take out one window or door frame which slides downwards and off easily. Do the same with one of the window or door frames of the room you are adding. Place the two door spaces together and lock them by sliding up a door frame. It’s as simple as that.

Jennys roof is transparent and can be lifted off, and all doors and windows open.

There is enough space for even a large hand to move through the big picture window so that you can easily play with Jennys Furniture.

Build it up into one big home – break it down into little maisonettes – there’s never been a doll’s house quite like JENNYS HOME.


The small room [JR101] measures 8 x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches high, with a removable transparent ceiling, 2 opening doors and 3 swivel windows.  It would have come complete with fitted carpet.

Jennys Home small room

The small room has one door and four windows.  All the windows open, and can be interchanged between the houses.

Jennys Home

The rooms can be joined together to make a larger house. Just take out a window or door frame which slides downwards, do the same to the room you want to add. Place the two door/window spaces together by sliding up a door frame.

Jennys Home

I did not push the door too far down, as it was very tight.  I didn’t want to risk damage to the door.





Jennys Home Battery Holder

This is the chimney that holds the battery and switch for the lighting [unfortunately this was not in the box]. There is a small removable plate on the radiator that slides across.  This is replaced with a plug socket plate, which is connected to the battery.  Lights can then be plugged into the plug socket.

Jennys Home Plug Socket


The chimney has two little tabs that clip over the wall of the wall.




Jenny Home Curtains

Half the fun of moving into a new home is the excuse it gives to have different colour schemes with new carpets and curtains. Jennys Home has been cleverly planned around four flowing colours so that you can shuffle them around as you want and always have a lovely colour scheme, dreamed up by an expert.

The carpets and curtains furniture and fittings come in deep jade, blue-green, fame red and buttercup yellow. The door and window frames are pale blue and the walls are neutral cedar brown, pale grey and off-white to set off the vivid tones of the furnishings.

The four basic colours all look good with each other or with white. This gives lots of scope for your imagination – always knowing you can’t go wrong!


Jennys Home Curtains


Jennys Home Curtains

In the pictures above you can see the little tabs over the door and window spaces to fit the curtains onto.  The curtain material came with the large room box and in the JH9 set.  Instructions are given on how to make curtains one pair of large curtains, one pair of small curtains.  Each little square is hemmed around each edge with an extra hem at the top to thread elastic though.  Each curtain is then attached to the little tabs.

Jennys Home Curtains

A deep jade carpet is supplied with each large room and a yellow carpet with each small room. Red striped curtain material is supplied with each large room.


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