Triang Stockbroker No.93


From 1939 Catalogue:

‘A full sized house of fashionable Tudor design. Half-timbered gables and front built-in garage with opening doors. Two bedrooms, dining room, bathroom and kitchen wit stove, dresser and sink, staircase and landing. Front opens in four pieces. Side entrance with porch and seat. Opening metal framed windows with imitation green shutters. Fireplaces in all rooms. Red tiled roof. Steps and dummy shrubs, imitation flowered front. Four electric wall lights with switches.’

47 inches [118 cms] wide
17 inches [43 cms] deep
27 inches [68 cms] high


I restored this Triang Stockbroker House No.93 a few years ago, it was a very long  job, as this is an extremely large house.  All the paint had to be stripped off the outside, and the remaining wallpaper removed from the inside [no original paper remained].  While stripping the paint I discovered woodworm on one side, and had to be treated.  Some small pieces of wood had also to be replaced, at they had rotted.  One good thing was that the roof was in good condition, with just a few corners to be repaired.  It was painted brick red.  I don’t have any pictures of this house in its original condition, so most of them are the completed house.

Stockbroker 93 window



I removed the windows, and took them apart, they were rusty and had to be rubbed down to the metal.  I repainted the frames green and the inserts white, and replaced the plastic windows.  The cardboard beams were carefully removed and repaired and painted brown.

Triang Stockbroker 93

The house was painted in County Cream, as this was the nearest colour I could find.  The flowers were repainted on the opening fronts with acrylic paint yellow, red and green, then varnished  for added protection.  The front and back door were stripped and repainted green, and the tiny door fittings taken off, rubbed down and polished back to brass colour.  This is a very big house with large rooms, so I decided to fill it with 1/12 miniatures, things that I like, of no particular era.  I covered over the doors with false walls, and false doors in the hall.  They could easily be removed if needed to bring it back to the original interior.  I put in electric ceiling lights, table lamps, standard lamps, flickering fires, even a flickering red light in the oven of the arga.

Stockbroker Kitchen Door




Stockbroker Kitchen


Stockbroker Kitchen Table


Stockbroker Kitchen


Stockbroker Kitchen




The advantage of the Stockbroker house is that the spaces in the door openings are large enough to put furniture, making it like an extra room.  This space is in the kitchen door.  The tiles on the wall were ones I made by printing coloured tiles and then laminating them.  I have also used these around the kitchen walls.





Triang Stockbroker No.93

Triang Stockbroker No.93



Stockbroker Nursery


Triang Stockbroker No.93

Triang Stockbroker No.93




Triang Stockbroker No.93

Triang Stockbroker No93




Triang Stockbroker No.93Triang Stockbroker No.93





Triang Stockbroker No.93


Triang Stockbroker No.93





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