Triang Bungalow A

Well look who was the lucky one to get this lovely Triang Bungalow [1962-65] for Christmas [2017].  It arrived flat packed, and fits together in sections with nuts and bolts.  Each panel is covered in a decorated paper inside and out.

Triang Bungalow A

The height of the bungalow from the base to the top of the chimney is 30 cm, the bungalow itself is 28 cm wide and 55 cm long.  It stands on a base that measurers 44 cm wide and 63 cm long.

Triang Bungalow A

This bungalow is open plan, with one wall of glass [perspex] doors.  There are two doors, which open, on each side wall with ribbed obscure plastic glass.

Each panel fits into the base, and is fixed in place with nuts and bolts.  The windows have plastic frames.

The front and back panels are attached to the base with bolts.



Triang Bungalow A

The fireplace fits over the back wall, it is then lined up with the roof.

Just the roof to go on and thats it …. finished … easiest house I have every done.  It is already decorated just need some flooring and furniture to fill it.  Lounge and Dining Room I think …

The Walls that make up the Bungalow …..

Left Outside.


Left Inside.


Right Outside.


Right Inside.


Back Outside.


Back Inside.


Front Panel with Perspex windows.




Pictures showing the three sides of the Fireplace.

Triang Bungalow A


Triang Bungalow A


Triang Bungalow A

The Triang furniture really does look good in this little Bungalow

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