Triang Spot-On Jenny’s Bathroom

Triang Spot-On

Triang Spot On furniture was produced in 1960.  The style of this furniture being the late 1950’s The furniture made from moulded plastic and metal.  It was sold in individual boxes, with the ‘Triang’ and ‘Spot On’ Logos, on a pink and cream box.  The Range also included ‘Dollies Home’ introduced in 1962, which consisted mainly of room sets.  The boxes they were sold in were printed to represent the room, kitchen, bedroom etc. The ‘Triang’, ‘Spot On’ and ‘Dollies Home’ range continued until 1964.

Jenny’s Home

As fashion and style move on so did Triang and in 1964, they launched a new range of furniture in collaboration with ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine.  This co-insided with the introduction of the ‘Jenny’s Home ‘ Room Boxes, many of them came ready furnished and could be joined together.  Much of the furniture of the ‘Triang’ ‘ Spot On Range’, either changed in style or bright modern colours.  Being made now completely of plastic, with the removal of the metal fittings.  The packaging also changed with a move away from pink to blue, yellow, red and orange. With a smart new logo in a red and pink heart, with Jenny’s Home in the middle, and the words ‘the home that g-r-o-w-s around it. Individual items and small room sets, now on  blister pack cards and room sets in plastic covered square flat boxes.


Triang Bathroom


To-day’s modern Mum demands a modern Bathroom, and what could be more charming and up-to-date than this exquisite “Swanlyne” Bathroom Set.  Beautifully styled and finished in a range of delightful colours.  Set includes Bath Mat and Stool.



The bathroom sets came in various colours.

Bathroom Stool 1022

This lovely little stool is the only piece of Bathroom furniture I have.  None of my Triang Houses have bathrooms, outside WC’s for them.


Triang Swanlyne Wash Basin Blue with Box 1016
Swanlyne Wash Basin Pink with Box 1016
Triang Swanlyne Wash Basin Blue with Box 1016
Swanlyne Wash Basin Blue with Box 1016


Triang Swanlyne WC Blue with Box 1017
Swanlyne Lavatory Blue with Box 1017
Swanlyne WC Pink
Swanlyne Lavatory Pink 1007



The bath has a black metal base, making it quite heavy, with a moulded insert this came in various colours.

Swanlyne Bath White 1015
Swanlyne Bath White 1015
Swanlyne Bath Green 1015
Swanlyne Bath Green 1015

Swanlyne Bath Green 1015


The Bathroom was also sold as a Box Set, consisting of  a Bath [1015], Sink [1016], Toilet [1017], Stool [1022] and Bathroom Mat [1018].

Triang Bathroom Mat 1018
Triang Bathroom Mat 1018

Triang Bathroom Mat [this one is a bit stained] as it is a piece of printed card it cannot be cleaned.


For more examples of Triang/Spot On Furniture visit my Board on Pintrest:

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    I’m really interested to see these as I have always had a rooted objection to plastic dolls house furniture from a child, but these have won me over with their 1960’s colours and good details.


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