Triang No.61 with Window Box

Description from the 1939 Catalogue: [no window box shown in catalogue] ‘A larger house with built-in garage, two large rooms [with electric wall lights]. metal framed windows, tiled sun porch, steps and dummy shrubs. Grey-tiled roof Now greatly improved with addition of window boxes’ [4052]

Triang No. 61 [with window box] – Here we go again, a new dolls house to add to my collection.  It needs slight renovation but all together in not too bad condition.  I bought this at an auction, the first one I have ever been to, so I was glad I had the highest bid.  I don’t really have room for another house but it looked so lonely I just had to have it, I will make room somehow, with a little rearranging. The house measurers 19 inches [48 cm] wide, 11 inches [28 cms] deep and 17 inches [43 cms] high.

The roof has been papered, so this will have to be stripped off, but the roof looks in quite good condition underneath.

The window frames need attention as they are a bit rusty, there are curtains at the windows, which I am very pleased about, as the other houses I have do not have any.  I can carefully remove them to tidy up the window frames.

  Triang No.61 window box   Triang No61 window box

I am not going to do anything to the inside of the house as it looks as if the wall and floor paper is original.


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