Triang No.62 with Window Boxes

Description from the 1939 Catalogue:

‘[Not illustrated.] Large double-fronted model with four rooms and staircase, built-in garage, opening metal-framed windows red-tiled roof, steps and dummy shrubs, four electric wall lights nicely flowered front both gables have half-timbered effect. Now greatly improved with addition of window box’ [4033]

27 inches [68cms] wide
11 inches [28 cms] deep
17 inches [43 cms] high


This house as a No.62, I was not sure at first as it has window boxes and the fret work on the front is more decorative than the others I have seen. This is my second restoration, and what a sad house it was, only half a roof, all the wallpaper was water damaged.



It had been over pained, with rough flowers on.  Although the window had curtains on them, most of them were rotten, and the frames rusty.  This was to be a job and a half.  I think this is my favourite house.  The house has  been over painted not only with white paint, but decorative flowers.  One of the window boxes is split and there is damage by the hinges on the main house and the garage doors.  The roof was very bad, almost all of it had to be replaced, using heavy duty card.

The paper on the walls and floor is badly water damaged and will not be able to be salvaged.   I have saved a few little pieces which I will try and reproduce, but mainly keep for reference.

The door has a broken knocker and a letter box.  But the little window by the door is missing.  You would think that this window would be intact as it is fixed, but so often they are missing.  Also this picture shows how rusty the windows were.

This picture shows the back of the house with the electrics and battery holes.

Still short of some windows, but looking much better now.  I have a few bits of Triang furniture in this one, as it has plenty of rooms.

Triang Dining Room








For more examples of Lines/Triang Dolls Houses, visit my Board on Pintrest:

2 thoughts on “Triang No.62 with Window Boxes

  • 2023 at

    I am fascinated to see this dolls’ house because I have an identical one from my childhood which various other children in my family have played with. Have you any idea how much the house is worth in Engkishg pounds?

    • 2023 at

      It is difficult to say, the rarer the house the more they are worth obviously. This house is still quite common so probably £30-£90 depending on condition, windows and original wallpaper are important. Hope this helps.


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