Floor Paper

I have various pieces of floor paper I have managed to salvage from my dollshouses. This is the one I have been working on.

I first scanned in a piece of the floor paper which had the clearest pattern on it.


I then selected one square and tidied it up on Photoshop.

Next I made the pattern of the floor, by rotating the horizontal squares.

Below is the finished floor.

Below are other papers I saved, I hope to restore these paterns as well:

The one above is quite hard to reproduce, I have tried to do it a few times but have not been very happy with the result.

The brick paper is used on many of the Triang houses, in the little porch and in the garage.

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  • 2023 at

    Hi, I have a Triang 42 (c 1936) like you have restored, I got for my mother to restore, but she has passed away. Would you or anyone like it for free. It is complete ie everything is there, but it needs serious restoration. I am in Central London for Regards Caroline


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