Triang Queen Anne Chair Repair

This lovely Triang Queen Anne chair is part of a set consisting of 2 arm chairs and settee.  The chair below was damaged at the front, so it needed a bit of repair.  Being around 100 years old, the material is quite delicate, The filling in the chair has also perished, but I will not be touching this.  So no comfy seat to sit on.


The wooden frame around the front of the chair was split and the material damaged.

First of all I had to find a piece of material to repair the section that was missing at the front, over. By gently lifting the cushion, I managed to trim off some very small pieces of material.  The wood was then glued and clamped together, being very careful not to cause more damage to the chair. The pieces of material I had salvaged were then stuck over the wood, the pattern does not match, but it makes a good repair.

I have a small craft iron that came in very useful for the repair, as I was able to smooth over the material giving it a more secure repair.

It looks as if the chair has been repaired before as there were remnants of old glue on various parts of the chair.

The glue was over the back and sides of the chair.

It took a while to decide how to remove the glue, as the material is so delicate I did not want to use chemicals on it.  Once again my little craft iron came into action.  By laying small pieces of paper over the glue, then heating, and gently removing the paper with the glue on it.  Using this method a number of times, using clean paper each time the glue came away.



It was very time consuming removing the glue, but I am quite happy with the results.  [Although looking as some of these pictures, there is a little glue residue still remaining.]



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