Triang No.61 [1]


‘A larger house with two large rooms and built-in garage. Metal-framed windows with curtains, tiled sun-porch and steps. Red tiled roof.’

19 inches [48 cm] wide
11 inches [28 cms] deep
17 inches [43 cms] high

It is hard to say when this house was produced, as when I bought it there were no beams, windows or wallpaper to help date it. This model was in production between 1930 and 58.   Also as there is no window box, it is possible this model dates between 1934 and 1936.

My first Triang restoration was a very sorry sight, it had been completely overpainted with white emulsion, and beams had been painted in black gloss.

The windows only had frames, which had been painted with silver paint, and the opening windows had been replaced with perspex.

triang front 0ct 05 04

I removed all the windows and the doors, the inside had also been painted with blue floors and white walls, there was no wall or floor paper left. I also removed the card beams around the windows, repaired them and painted them brown.


As the front door panel had been painted with emulsion paint first, so I able to carefully scrape off the paint.  Although it could not be scraped off evenly, I was able to see the flower pattern for me to copy later.

The windows were stripped of their silver paint, and repainted in green, I have yet to find suitable replacement inserts for them.

furniture 003

The house was rubbed down inside and out and painted with County Cream paint, as I found it was the nearest colour to the original.

The roof was removed, as it needed the old tape taken off as it had been painted.  I replaced it with paper parcel tape, which had been used originally, and painted it with grey paint.

This is the finished result, with nice brass hinges on the garage doors.  The window inserts are only temporary, until I can get some replacements.  They are made from Perspex sheet and white self adhesive pin strips [used for putting thin pin strips on cars].


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4 thoughts on “Triang No.61 [1]

  • 2023 at

    Just brought my first Triang 77 to restore, it seems mostly original l was interested that you mentioned the paint colour mine has a few tiny bits that need touching up rather than repainting the whole house. Is it emulsion paint.

    • 2023 at

      Yes it is emulsion paint, often if they have been overpainted it is done in gloss

  • 2023 at

    Lovely restoration on this no. 61. I have just started restoring my own childhood dolls house and this has given me some very good ideas.


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