Disassembling and Rebuilding a Triang Stockbroker

I have just bought another Triang Stockbroker, even though I don’t have any more room for a big house.  Once I see a Triang House, it like seeing a puppy that needs a new home.  So I thought I would buy it for spares.  It was sold to me as needing a little restoration, as much of it had been done already …..


As you can see the entire house has been over-painted twice I think once blue and then cream. The front door and internal back door have both been stripped of paint, but have all the original door fittings.  It has all the internal doors.  The wooden beams on the house have been painted black.

[Bottom Left] The Kitchen still has the original Triang Dresser

[Bottom Right] The only Triang Fireplace is in this room.

[Top Right] This room does have original Triang floor paper, which is in very good condition.

[Top Middle]

Triang Stockbroker

Room above the garage.

Complete staircase, although the stair carpet has been over painted on the lower staircase, the upper is not.


The house does have all the windows, [none of them have curtains, just some decorative lace stuck on the inside]. All the windows need restoring, they are rusty, and the frames have been painted matt black. The sundial is missing from the chimney, and there are no chimney pots.

Triang Stockbroker  

It’s nice to have the green cardboard shutters, which I shall scan and touch up in Photoshop.

With no original wallpaper in this house, unfortunately, every room has been over-painted with coloured gloss paint, I did find a scrap of wallpaper behind the kitchen dresser, [shown below] and a piece behind the stairs which I have not seen before, but it may have faded.

There are panels for lighting the house, but the metal tags at the top are broken, so there is not connection for the battery.

This is the view of the inside of the porch, you don’t often see, complete with the little wooden seat.


So disassembling is complete, I can see just how much work needs to be done.

So now a decision has to be made, what do I do with this house, with no room for another large house, my first thought was to break it up for spares. but I am now thinking I will make this one smaller.  This is not something I would normally do, but I could make it like the Half Stockbroker. Although the porch on the side of the Half Stockbroker house is different to the Stockbroker, it would look alright and the house would balance out well with the chimney on the side.

One final note ……..




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