Jennys Home Dining Room

Jennys Home

As fashion and style move on so did Triang and in 1964, they launched a new range of furniture in collaboration with ‘Homes and Gardens’ magazine.  This co-insided with the introduction of the ‘Jennys Home ‘ Room Boxes, many of them came ready furnished and could be joined together.  Much of the furniture of the ‘Triang’ ‘ Spot On Range’, either changed in style or bright modern colours.  Being made now completely of plastic, with the removal of the metal fittings.  The packaging also changed with a move away from pink to blue, yellow, red and orange. With a smart new logo in a red and pink heart, with Jennys Home in the middle, and the words ‘the home that g-r-o-w-s around it. Individual items and small room sets, now on  blister pack cards and room sets in plastic covered square flat boxes.  A full list of Triang Spot-On furniture can be found here.

Shown below are the new items of furniture that were introduced under the Jennys Home Range from 1964 onwards …..

Jenny Dining Room


Jenny's Home Table JH2004 and Chairs JH2001
Jenny’ Home Table JH2004 and Chairs JH2001



With the introduction of the new Jennys Home range, the out dated dining room table and chairs was replaced with a more traditional look.  Now made completely of brown moulded plastic, to represent wood.

Jenny's Home JH2004
Jennys Home JH2004



Jennys Home range Dining Room chairs, replaced the Triang chairs 1001, a simplier more modern style.  The dangerous pointed metal legs were now a thing of the past.

Jenny's Home Chair JH2001
Jennys Home Chair JH2001


Jennys Home Cushions
Jennys Home Dining Chair Cushions


Jennys Home Table and Chairs
Table JH2004 and Chairs JH2001 complete with cushions


Jennys Hine

Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020
Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020


Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020
Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020

Jennys Home Sideboard, has  lost its G Plan style, and is now a more simpler, modern  piece of furniture.  As you can see from the picture above, there are now shelves in the left-hand cupboard.

Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020
Jennys Home Sideboard and Vases JH2020

Jenny Dining Room

Examples of the furniture in the picture above can be found on the Triang Spot-On Dining Room Page.

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