Triang No.76

Triang No76

Description from  the 1957 Catalogue:

‘A fine house with a hinged front for access to the two large rooms. Curtains fitted to opening metal framed windows. Sun-porch and seat with tiled floor. Complete with built-in garage fitted with opening doors. Red tiled roof.’

24 inches [60 cms] wide
20 inches [51 cms] high

This house appears in the 1939 and 1957 catalogue. It should have two chimneys but mine are missing.

Triang No.76 – This house had been over painted on the outside, so I stripped off the old paint and repainted it, and gave it a coat of varnish to protect it.  I removed the beams and repaired the missing pieces and repainted them brown.The roof needed retaping along the joins of the roof and a coat of paint to tidy it up.It has Triang floor paper, but it is a bit worn. The paper on the walls was quite badly water stained, and could not be saved.The windows needed to be stripped and repainted, as they showed signs of rust.This is the house now all neat and tidy, I have changed the flowers on the front of the house.  I also managed to add curtains to the windows, as they are in the original Triang windows.  This is quite a big house.I painted on the flowers, but not as they were originally.I need to find a window frame for the bottom window.

1940’s HOUSE

I have decided to have a theme for this house, and I have chosen 1940’s style.


I bought a very good book by Jane Harrop entitled ‘Thirties and Forties Miniatures in 1:12 Scale’.  It is a really lovely book, with so much detail, plans and instructions.  It is a book to inspire you.

I made the kitchen cabinet shown below, the instructions were easy to follow.  It was a bit fiddly making the small top doors, the pins to use for the door to open took a bit of lining up, but I was quite pleased with the result.

I also made a frame for the kitchen sink, as shown on the front cover of the book.  It does explain how to make all of the sink unit, but I had one already.

There are two lovely cookers to make in the book, but I found one that suited my kitchen.  It is plastic, but looks like enamelled metal. Below are pictures of the kitchen so far, I have to add lighting and find some chairs and other bits and pieces to finish it off.



For more examples of Lines/Triang Dolls Houses, visit my Board on Pintrest:

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