Triang Fireplaces

There are two original Triang fireplaces in the Ultra Modern House, the same style of fireplace are also in the Triang  Princess 2.

Triang Fireplace


One fireplace came away from the wall very easily but, the fire effect is actually fixed onto the wall with very gunky thick glue.


Triang Fireplace


The other fireplace,  has been overpainted in yellow paint.  There is also paint and old wallpaper  on the fire printed paper.


Triang Fireplace


These fireplaces are very roughly made, no neat sanding or finish.


Triang Fireplace


The sides of the fireplace are cut out of a single block of wood, with steps up to the top, recesses are cut out at the front.


Triang Fireplace


So why if you are going to cut a piece of wood so accurately, would you not sand and paint it neatly.

One of the fireplace backings had been torn, so I scanned the original, and tidied it up on photoshop.




It looks good finished and in place, in this room.


Triang Stockbroker


This is the other type of fireplace I have, it came from the Triang Stockbroker.



The paint has been carefully removed the wood polished with wax, it came up lovely.  A copper thermometer cover from an old barometer was exactly the same size as the fire grate.  This may be useful in the future.

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