Lines Bros. Triang No.30

I recently discovered this lovely little Triang No.30, Country Cottage at an Antiques Fair.  When I say ‘little’ it really is, measuring 13.5 inches wide and 12 inches high.  It only has one room, with an arched porch on the side.  The house is part of a series of three bungalows produced in 1939, No.30 being the smallest.  This is the first Triang No.30 I have seen, in fact I didn’t realise a model so small was produced.  A lengthy search on the internet and old Auction Catalogues failed to produce any pictures.  Even on the Dolls’ House Past and Present Lines Bros Triang Data Base.  So any information would be greatly received.

This lovely little house has been well played with, over the years.  Decorated in felt pen with climbing leaves and flowers, it has evolved into what it is now.  The left hand side of the roof has been replaced, using card, which has warped and will need replacing.

Triang NO.30

The door opens to reveal a small room, complete with original wall and floor paper, and a door into the porch.  It is remarkable that the papers in this room are intact, with little fading, only through age.

The felt pen floral decoration continues around the house.

The hinges are very rusty but look original.

On the reverse of the house is the lighting panel, I have not removed it yet so not sure if the wiring is complete.  It does look as if the house has been kept somewhere damp, as the paint is peeling/flaking away.

As you can see by the picture above the left hand roof panels have been replaced.  At least it will give me a template for a new roof replacement.

Looking closely at the door panel the original floral pattern can be seen, even though it has been over decorated with a blue flower.  The window also needs replacing for a Triang one.

The single room has original wall and floor paper which is in quite good condition for its age.

The porch has brick flooring, but the bench seat is missing. The flooring shows water damage, but I will keep it as it is.  


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