Triang No.61

Triang No.61
Picture from HRD Auction Rooms

‘A larger house with two large rooms and built-in garage. Metal-framed windows with curtains, tiled sun-porch and steps. Red tiled roof.’

19 inches [48 cm] wide 11 inches [28 cms] deep 17 inches [43 cms] high

This is my latest addition to my collection a Triang No.61.  Following strict Covid guidelines at the local Auction House, I viewed this lovely little house.  I have one like this already, but dolls houses are like puppies, each one deserves a good home.  Also included in the sale were two boxes of Mattel furniture, and a rather large vase complete with plastic flowers.  I decided to bid online, I have not done this before, so I did worry that I would not be able to keep up.  I did not need to worry, the process of bidding was easier than I thought, almost as if I was in the room.  This house did get a few bids, so got a good price at the auction ….. I think it was the vase of flowers that did it.

Triang No.61

There was a little blue plastic bag inside the house with a few bits and pieces in, look what I found Triang steps, I knew this house was hiding a secret.

Triang No.61 Steps

You can just about see little bits of rubber where the trees should have been.

Triang No.61

The outside has been overpainted with gloss paint, so will take some removing.  It does however have all the windows, complete with curtains.

Triang No.61

On the front panel where the flowers are painted on, some rubbery moss type plant has been stuck on, with very hard sticky glue.


The wallpaper is very pretty, so I will be keeping this, even through there are a few paper sticker marks.  It adds to its charm, and can always be disguised with well placed furniture or pictures.  The floor paper is also complete and does not need replacing.

No.61 roof

The roof is a bit of a mess, and needs a bit of attention.  The tape has cracked along the roof joins, it has also been very heavily overpainted in red.

No.81 Side View


No.61 Side View  

And now to work…….



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