Triang Princess 2


Description of the Princess 2 from the 1939 catalogue:

‘[Not illustrated.] Larger model. Four rooms. Five electric lights. Bathroom with dummy bath, kitchen with dummy sink and gas stove. Garage with opening doors. Otherwise similar to No.1’

47.5 inches [119 cms] wide 18 inches [45 cms] deep 31.5 inches [78 cms] high

Description of No.1 Princess Dolls’ House from 1939 catalogue:

‘A model of the dolls’ house presented to Princess Elizabeth by the Welsh people. Double-fronted, with four rooms, hall staircase and landing. Opening metal windows. Imitation thatched roof. Four electric lights less batteries. Front hinged in two parts.

The Princess 2 was produced between 1937 and 1940.


Auction Day

Well it’s off to the Auction again. This time two houses on offer, one which I am really interested in.   Triang Princess 2  

This one is a Lines DH/14 probably made between 1924 and 1933.  Notice in the description no measurements are given, I wonder why, it actually measures an enormous  55 inches [137.5 cm] wide, 20 inches [50 cm] deep and 48 inches [120 cm] high.

  Triang Princess 2  

This is the one I am interested in The Princess 2, this is larger than The Princess and has a garage.  It was produced between  1937 and 1940. It measures  47.5 inches [119 cm] wide, 18 inches [45 cm] deep and 31.5 inches [78 cm] high.

Well I’ve got my bidding number and I am ready to go. First let’s go and view these two houses. The Auction was upstairs, and what greeted me at the top of the stairs was the Lines …. [Hamleys] Oh!!! I have never seen a house so big, how could I find room for this, I think it is a no bid on this one. I must admit it was a lovely house, very well restored, tastefully done with all new modern decoration inside, it did have all its windows and doors, inside and out. [No don’t even think about it, you don’t have room].

Right, let’s find the other house, and there it is, placed on a table, on a table. It was much bigger than I thought it would be, but I had fallen in love, size had no meaning anymore. I had to stand on tip toe to see inside, as I am not very tall. So my husband with his handy little torch [just like Auction Hunters] followed my instructions as to what to look for. There was a lot of old furniture inside, but I could not see anything from any particular maker. Three original Triang fireplaces, an original Triang kitchen dresser and sink, peering into the little bathroom with the handy little torch, a Triang bath and sink could be seen. It was overall in very good condition with only one window missing at the back of the house, and complete with all doors inside and out, how could I resist.

So I took my seat ready to bid, it would be at least two hours before my lot would come up, during this time I studied the people in the room, did they look like doll house collectors, which of these people would I be bidding against, could I hold my nerve. Then the doubt in my mind, how much should I bid, I really wanted that house. It was coming home with me. The first house [Hamleys] Lines DH/14 did not sell. This was to be a long two plus hours, people came and went. My heart was pounding by Lot 240, I was panicking, checking my auction card was the right way up, which hand would I use, should I wave it around or just hold it up? Lot 246 start me at £100, my hand went up and stayed up, £110 who was bidding against me, £120 an online bid, £130 …. £200 and the net is out, I WON!!, holding my card up for the Auctioneer to see, look, I said to myself it’s me, I won.

Well excitement over it was time to arrange for delivery, it was arranged for two days time, but we would have to phone and confirm. Later that afternoon we phoned back to confirm details about delivery, and would you believe it, they offered me the [Hamleys] Lines DH/14 house for £40, I must admit thoughts went quickly through my mind if I could find room, but I knew it was just too big, so had to decline the offer. There are times when you have to follow your head and not your heart, and this was one of them……


Arriving Home

This house has all original floor paper, the walls have been over painted, but not on the walls where the fireplaces are, so the original paint colour can be seen.  

Triang Princess 2
Top Right Room complete with original Fireplace.


Triang Princess 2
Room Top Left complete with original Fireplace.


Triang Princess2
Room Bottom Right complete with original Fireplace.


Triang Princess 2
Kitchen with Dresser and Sink. Bottom Right.


Triang Princess 2
Entrance Hall showing back window and stairs.


Triang Princess 2


Triang Princess 2
Bathroom taken through back window, complete with original bath and sink.


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