Triang Bookcase Sliding Doors

I have a few Triang Bookcases, but the sliding perspex doors become very scratched and scuffed over the years.  This is caused by the two doors rubbing together.

Triang Bookcase

I have tried various ways to improve the look of the doors, even buying a Car Headlight Restorer Kit.  It contained various grades of sanding sheets with a polishing compound and protective sealer.  This was not a success the sanding sheets were very rough, causing small scratches, making the doors look cloudy.  Even toothpaste put on with a soft cloth, caused the doors to look cloudy, because it was too abrasive.  Looking through my kitchen cupboard to see what could be tried next, a tin of Brasso Metal Polish Wadding looked a possibility.

Triang Bookcase Brasso

The wadding in the tin is very soft, almost like cotton wool [without the squeak], so I was unsure if it would work.

Triang Bookcase Door Clamp

The door was put into a bench vice clamp, it is easier to do it like this rather than hold it, as you can get right to the edges.

Triang Bookcase Bench Vice

The wadding was worked gently across the door following the direction of the scratches, then buffed up with a soft cloth.  It does seem to make the perspex static, and attracts the dust when buffing, so a lint free cloth was used to remove the dust.


Triang Bookcase DoorsAFTER

Triang Bookcase

You can see the difference between the two doors, this method does not remove deep scratches, but makes the appearance of the smaller ones much better as you can see.

Triang Bookcase


So there we have it a success, lovely shiny doors.  Will now get to work on a few more.


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