Triang Windows are made of a metal square window frame with tabs to hold it into position on the house, they come in three colours brown, green and blue depending on the age of the house. Pre war houses normally have brown and cream windows, Post war green and white. The two opening window frames slot into two little tabs. They also had thin strips of material in the windows to represent curtains. Older windows have strips of lace



These windows came from my Triang No.62.  You can see the curtains in this picture, they had become very fragile with age. It is uncommon to find windows with curtains, also the metal frames become rusty as they are stored in damp places. A number of my houses have suffered from damp, warping the wood and rusting the metal.


I removed the curtains from the window frames, as they were very frayed and had lost their colour, and the window frames needed treating for rust. I scanned the curtain material and reproduced the pattern on Photoshop. The image was then printed on to transfer paper and ironed onto a piece of cotton material, and cut to size.


Above is a scan of the original curtain material.


This method of printing material is good for making curtains for these Triang windows as it makes the material quite stiff and does not fray easily, so no sewing required. The printing only show on one side.







These windows are from my Triang No.61 house, with the window boxes.  The curtains in these windows were in very good condition, so I was able to save them. They did need a little repair around the edges to stop them fraying.




Triang Windows

This is a window from the Princess 2, as you can see there is not a lot left of the curtains, looks like the moths have been busy.


Above is a scan of the original curtain material.

Triang Windows

I was thinking of reproducing the original material for new curtains, then I had a better idea, and give the windows nice net curtains.

First I cut out new plastic for each insert, then selected some pretty cream lace and cut it to size.

Triang Windows

Then I glued the lace to the plastic around the edges and a few dabs on the edges to keep it flat to the plastic.

Triang Windows

Using my useful broken knife tool, I gently eased the plastic into the edges of the painted inserts.

Triang Windows

All 18 inserts are now completed.

Triang Windows


Triang Windows

The completed window inserts have been put into the frames.

Triang Windows

I am quite happy with how these look, and think they will look lovely in position in the house.


The above picture shows the curtains in the smaller window of the Princess 2, which is at the back wall of the house.

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