Tri-ang Thames Trader

How about this lovely lorry to add to a Dollhouse Collection, odd you may think but this Pickford Thames Trader carries a very special load.

Picture from Vectis The Leading Specialist Toy Auctioneer

This articulated Pickford removal lorry is on a large scale, in a lovely dark blue, highlighted with chrome.  Possibly from 1963 it comes complete with its original box.  The one in the picture has battery operated headlamps.  [I am not sure if this was standard in this model.]  Best of all it comes with a selection of Spot-On furniture including a dining table, 4 blue dining chairs and sideboard, all packed in there own little box.

Picture from Vectis The Leading Specialist Toy Auctioneer

Vectis Auctions had this Thames Trader up for auction in December 2019, the estimated selling price was between £500 – £700, it actually sold for £1,100.  Just a little out of my price range I think.



The above picture is from the Triang Christmas Catalogue 1961.



After writing about The Triang Thames Trader articulated lorry, commenting how much I would like one, but far out of my price range.  Well I have a very clever husband, who found an old Express Delivery Triang Thames Trader lorry, and converted it into the Pickfords lorry I so wanted.

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