Triang Dining Room

Triang Dining Room


Exit the cluttered Victorian doll’s house of our parents, and  the austere prefabrication of post-war days.  Here at last is a doll’s dream of stylish living.  Shown here is Tri-ang’s delightful colour combination in an up-to-the-minute doll’s dining suite.  Contrasting sideboard and draw-leaf dining table are enhanced by the graceful upholstery of dining chairs.  All of these are expertly carried out in zinc weighed injection moulded plastic.

Dining Room Table 1000

 This G Plan dining table has a section in the middle, and the table slides together making it smaller.  The plastic top is made to represent walnut, and has a metal black frame and legs.

Dining Room Chairs 1001

These chairs come in various colours, all have metal legs. You can see from the picture above that the middle chair has thicker legs than the others, making this a later model.  The moulded plastic seat is meant to represent leather.  They came in various colours.

Dining Room Chair with Box 1001
Dining Room Chair with Box 1001

The Triang boxes are a very tight fit, so it is surprising that many survived at all.

Dining Room Chair with 1001
Dining Room Chair with 1001

A nice red chair to add to my collection.

Sideboard 1002 with silver tea tray 1112, vases and bowl.

This sideboard was a reflection of furniture of the period based on G Plan range.  The doors and drawers on the Sideboard open. This piece carried on into the Jenny’s range of furniture with the black frame work changing from metal to plastic.

It is amazing that the dining room consists of just three pieces of furniture.

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    I suppose you bought chairs singly depending on the size of your family!

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