Triang Garden


Luxurious Garden Furniture for complete relaxation.  The sophisticated home maker will be delighted with the simple line of these beautifully proportioned pieces, in which functional design and elegance combine to form the perfect setting for the modern doll.

‘G’ Garden Set


Garden Furniture

The ‘G.’ Garden Set consists of a table and umberells [1028], hammock seat [1027], sun lounger [1118], and 2 folding stools [1030].

Triang Sun Lounger Blue 1118
Triang Sun Lounger Blue 1118



These include a workbench, garden tools, flowerpots, waterbutt, wheelbarrow, garden roller, lawnmower, watering can and a trug for collecting your home grown vegetables.


For more examples of Triang Spot On Jennys Home Furniture visit my Board on Pintrest

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  1. Fiona Fox says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the sun lounger! The accessories sound good, but no flowers or ‘home grown vegetables’. Is that a hint that you might like them to be ‘home made’ I wonder?

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