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Space saving is probably more important in a doll’s house kitchen than anywhere else on earth; and in this the practical, home making doll is adequately catered for by the inimitable Tri-ang kitchen units.  Here also, we find the most up-to-date combinations. 

Swanmaid Dishwasher 1034 [The black piece at the bottom is missing from my Dishwasher]
A very useful item for any modern kitchen, made of moulded plastic with various shelves and drawers.  Mine unfortunately is missing its metal base which included a water head.

Triang Washing Machine
Washing Machine [Hoovermatic] 1037
I think this has been repaired at sometime, you can see the glue marks.

Top View Washing Machine [Hoovermatic] 1037
This washing machine was produced in great detail, showing the controls and hoovermatic label.  It also came with a hose, which mine does not have, long gone I expect.

Prescold Refrigerator 1034
Prescold Refrigerator 1034
Prescold Refrigerator 1034
Prescold Refrigerator 1034

This Refrigerator is metal, showing the Prescold logo. The inside fittings are plastic with two shelves, mine does not have any shelves.

Sink Unit 1012

The earlier sink units are blue and have a cream top, later changed to white.  It is made from metal [apart from the top which is plastic] the two side drawers and cupboard doors open, it is quite a heavy piece.

Kitchen Sink1012
Kitchen Sink 1012

The later model of sink unit kept to the same basic style, sink tops and colours would change.  There was also a gradual change from metal to plastic.   The above sink unit is metal with plastic doors and drawers.

Kitchen Cupboard 1012/2
Kitchen Cupboard 1012/2
Kitchen Cabinet 1012
Kitchen Cabinet 1012

This Cabinet seems to be the base unit for all cupboards and sink units in the range, as with others colours changed, and the move from metal to plastic.

LeisureKitchenChair 1014
Leisure Kitchen Chair 1014

The Leisure Kitchen Chairs came with boxes, they were a tight fit.

Triang Kitchen Chair
Leisure Kitchen Chair with Box 1014

The Leisure Kitchen chair was made of moulded plastic, with neat little metal legs fitted in.  This range did not carry on to the Jenny’s Range.

Leisure Kitchen Table 1013
Leisure Kitchen Table 1013

This table matches the chairs above, and this strange style is at its best with the chairs around it.

Leisure Kitchen Table and Chairs


Kitchen Table J2011
Kitchen Table J2011


Utility Chairs J1014
Utility Chairs J1014

The table and chairs were produced under the Jenny’s Home Range, replacing the Leisure table and chairs.

Triang Ascot
Ascot Heater


Kitchen Box Set

The kitchen was also sold as a Box set, consisting of a Leisure Kitchen Sink [1012], Electric Oven [1019], Leisure Kitchen Table [1013] and 2 Leisure Kitchen Chairs [1014]

Showing the difference between a Metal and Plastic Kitchen Cupboard 1012/2


Both of the Kitchen Cabinets above have a base unit made of metal.  The unit on the left is an older Triang, and has metal doors, the unit on the right Jennys Home has plastic doors, and the blue work surface is thicker.

The fitting of the work top with two large tabs, on the Jennys Home unit is shown on the left.

The Triang unit is on the right, you can see how the metal doors are fitted.  In the newer version [Jennys Home], the work top is thicker and is fixed with two tabs.

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  1. Fiona Fox says:

    Interesting to see the choice between metal and plastic.As a child I would have wanted the realism of metal, but now I rather like the way the plastic goes with the modern look of the ’60’s.

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