Triang Ultra Modern No.50


Now to get down to the job of removing the paint. It had been painted with gloss paint, normally I can remove it with a sharp blade, but not this paint. I had to use paint stripper … which I hate. As for the green paint, it just turned to mush. I tried to sand it off, but that did not work, just made things worse. It was a very slow process, as it was best to let the wood settle between applications of stripper. The paint stripper tends to soften the wood, which is not good on a house of this age.

Triang Ultra Modern No.50

I did remove the little roof section on the left, it made it easier to get to the little garden room. Also there was some repair work to do in this area.

Triang Ultra Modern No.50

The front panel was also removed, as it was very difficult to get in all the areas where the paint needed to be removed from.

Triang Ultra Modern No.50   Triang Ultra Modern No.50

With the little box part of the front panel removed it was easy to get to all the areas, there was even green paint here too.

Triang Ultra Modern No.50 The house has now had its first sanding, just needs to be checked over…..