Triang Princess 2

restoraton begins



This is the front view of the Princess [2]. The outside just needs a freshen up, it looks a bit tired, which does comes to us all as we get older.


The back of the Princess, has the holes for the batteries in the roof. Behind the wooden panels are the wires which connect the batteries to each light bulb. The middle battery hole in the roof connects to the light in the bathroom.

Princess Window

There are two small windows one is at the top of the stairs, the other is the Bathroom window. I only have one small window missing, so will get a replacement. I am leaving the window I have in original condition as it has curtains. As it is at the back of the house it won’t be seen.


This is the Princess [2] in its new home, with my other houses. I am sure it will be very happy. You can see from this picture how big it is. It measures 47.5 inches [119 cm] wide, 18 inches [45 cm] deep and 31.5 inches [78 cm] high.


The house is very dusty, and needs a good clean, especially the roof. Because the outside of the house is painted with a textured paint, I had to use a soft brush and a damp piece of cotton material to clean the rough surface. As for the roof I cleaned it very gently with detergent. You can see from the picture above how dirty it was.


I think painting the roof was the most difficult, it was hard to decide what colour to paint it without being just one block colour. In the end I mixed up a sandy straw colour acrylic paint, which I applied with a cloth, just wiping it over, then finished with a matt varnish. I use varnish a lot on my houses, it just protects any paint and makes it easy for cleaning. The roof seemed to have green paint under it originally, which makes some areas darker. So I have just tidied up without overdoing the painting.


All the doors and windows have been removed, ready for painting.


The outside painting is complete, the base, the top of windows and garage, have been painted with Buckingham Green Gloss, I then put on a matt varnish to dull down the shine. The doors and windows have been painted in Citadel Dark Angels Green [a paint used for painting Warhammer models] it was then sealed with a matt varnish. I put clear wax on the front door to give it a light sheen.


The windows and front door have now been fitted. I have given the windows net curtains.


The side window is fitted with two small pins top and bottom. These small windows do not have a window frame.


I have repainted the front door, polished up the letter box, and what is left of the door knocker and also added a new door knob. With a new window and fresh paint, it looks very smart.

I am not going to fit the front openings yet, as it is easier to decorate the inside without them.



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  1. malcolm poole says:

    Hi i have just brought a princess no 1 could you tell me the colour of the roof as this ones painted Red also would you know if this model had side windows n the bottom bay windows this one hasnt and dont look like it ever did

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      Hi Malcolm

      The roof on The Princess houses are normally painted thatch, the roof having raised areas to represent thatch. I did not paint mine, just gave it a good clean.

      I have sent you a link to a website called Dolls Houses Past and Present showing various Princess houses which may be of help to you.

      Many Thanks


  2. Tina Ryan says:

    I don’t know how old this blog is but congratulations on your winning bid. The house looks like it had some wayward tenants but with restoration it will look fabulous. I’ll search through your site to see progress reports.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      I bought this house in early February this year so haven’t had it long, still a lot of work to do on the inside, but the outside is just about complete.

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