Triang Bedroom

Triang Bedroom


Welcome to the dreamy comfort of a doll’s bedroom equipped with Tri-ang’s bedroom furniture. Nothing has been forgotten – from the combined bookshelf and double-bedhead to the dainty dressing stool.  Wardrobe, chest-of-drawers and dressing-table have that undeniable ‘High Wycombe’ look and are available in a contrasting scheme of black and dove grey.  Divan bed has separate head-board, etc.


Double Bed 1008

The bed comes is three parts comprising of a headboard, matress, the base fitted with metal frame with short legs.  The beds and headboards come in various colours.

Green Triang Bed
Bed 1008
Jenny Bed 1008
Jenny’s Home Double Bed 1008

Jenny’s Home bed is a much more modern turquoise colour, with no added matress on top.

Bedroom Stool 1011

The turquoise stool is made from moulded plastic with a metal base and thin legs, which fits deep inside.

Triang Jennys Bedroom Stool 1011
Bedroom Stool 1011

The Stool in the same set as the Chest of Drawers J2023, the legs are now silver and not so pointed.

Triang Dresing Table 1023
Triang Dresing Table 1023

The Dresing Table was produced in the style of G Plan, the colour mainly [Tola and Black range].  It was made of moulded plastic with two large drawers and two smaller ones.  The early mirrors did not have a frame around them. The picture above shows a later model with a brown edge around the mirror.  The picture below showing a mirror with no brown edge.

Dressing Table 1023
Dressing Table 1023
Chest of Drawers 1010

Also in the style of G Plan’s Tola and Black range, the chest of drawers above is a brown surround with black drawers.

Triang Chest of Drawers with Box 1010
Triang Chest of Drawers with Box 1010

The above chest of drawers has a white frame with black drawers, as in the picture in the catalogue above.

Triang Wardrobe 1009
Triang Wardrobe 1009

The wardrobe is all plastic with a brown frame with black doors which open, on small tags at each end.  There is also a mirror on the left hand door.  It also has a hanging rail on the left hand side, with a row of shelves on the right.

Triang Wardrobe 1009
Triang Wardrobe 1009
Triang Jenny Wardrobe J2025
Wardrobe J2025

This is the first of the new range of wardrobe in the Jenny’s Home Range, in a lovely modern two tone turquoise colour.  It has small plastic tags for the doors to open, as in the original Triang Range, these easily break.  The mirror on this wardrobe is showning its age, or is it a little distressed.

Triang Jenny Wardrobe JH2025
Jenny’s Home Wardrobe JH2025

The new colour wardrobe is the same one in side, with a hanging rail and shelves.

Jenny’s Home Wardrobe JH2025

Inside this wardrobe there is A Little Hidden Treasure, an original coat hanger.

Triang Jennys Coat Hanger 1025
Coat Hanger 1025

The coat hanger is an inch long across the bottom, it is so thin I am surprised it survived.  These [2] would be packaged with the wardrobe, or sold seperately.

Wardrobe J2025
Wardrobe J2025

Jenny’s Home wardrobe in a modern turquoise colour. The tabs which alow the doors to open are also a lot more practical and less likely to break during play.

Wardrobe J2025

The hanging rail that was in the original Triang wardrobe, has now been changed to a small shelf, otherwise it is the same.

Headboard 1008/1
Headboard with Bookcase 1008/1

This headboard is a quite strange piece of furniture, because the bed without a headboard, just sits in front of it.  But, as a bonus the two panels at the top slide.

Set SB – Single Bedroom Set

I love my Single Bed Set, I was very lucky to find it, the box is a bit delicate. There is also a brown sleeve that goes around the box.

The Set consist of Wardrobe 1009, Chest of Drawers 1010 and Single Bed 1036.


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  1. Fiona Fox says:

    It’s a truely ’60’s look. I like the way they modeled the mattresses but left it up to you whether to make fabric bedding.

    1. Lee Higgins says:

      The bedding was sold separately and is difficult to find.

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