Triang No.62 Windows

The windows show signs of rust, and will have to be rubbed down.I removed the loose rust and made a smooth surface and then treated them with a rust treatment, which provides a protective surface to paint on.


The rust can clearly be seen on the inside of the window. Also the curtains are stained and frayed, the acitate in the windows has split.


The curtains have been removed, they were very frayed and had lost their colour. I have scanned the curtain material and reproduced the pattern on Photoshop. The image was then printed on to transfer paper and ironed onto a piece of cotton material, and cut to size.




This is the finished window, the frame and window inserts have now been painted. New acetate has been put in the window and the new curtains fitted. I am very pleased with the result, as good as new.


Triang No62
Triang No.62 Restoration Index ….


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