Triang No.62 Finished House

Triang No.62 fully painted exterior, roof, beams and windows.


Finished house with painted flowers. The garage doors have now been fitted, also the front door complete with letter box and door knocker.


I have put my Barton Furniture into my Triang No.62.


A Barton & Co. began making dolls house furniture just after the Second World War in 1945, under the brand name of AB Toys.


In 1984 Barton and the Caroline’s Home brand were taken over by Lundby of Sweden. The production of the houses and furniture continued in the UK until the late 1980’s.


Barton Furniture is the perfect size for this house, I love the fact that it is all made out of wood.


You will probably have noticed the bird cage is at a rather jaunty angle, the cage is very distorted. The people in the picture are quite small, but all have wire in, so they can be bent into position.


The furniture in this picture is a very pale pink, but it does not show up very well.


Triang No62
Triang No.62 Restoration Index ….


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