Triang No.77 New Fretwork

This house being basically an empty shell, has no fretwork on the front around the windows and triangle roof panels. I was not sure how I was going to replace the fretwork on the two doors as it is quite intricate. Looking around at my other houses I noticed that the No.76 had the same fretwork pattern and the doors were the same size. I did not want to remove the fretwork from this house, as it was original and a little fragile. I could have taken the door off and scanned it, but this I felt would not provide a good result. Inspiration struck why not copy it in the same way as you do brass rubbing.


Blu tac was put on each corner to keep the paper on the house, then got to work with my pencil. Hey presto the fret work was appearing nicely.


And I kept rubbing and rubbing….


This is my completed rubbing, I have gone around the outline with a pencil and used a ruler to get nice straight lines.


The outline was carefully cut around with a sharp craft knife.


A perfect match…


The paper outline was then traced onto a piece of card. I used a card reinforce envelope, it does not need to be very thick card.



The fretwork has now been cut out and fits nicely on the door, it is now ready to be painted.


Two of these were needed, and also a smaller one with a simpler pattern.




The door panels have been painted and varnished. I have painted the flower decal with acrylic paint. I do it this way so that if I make a mistake it is easy to remove, the flower decals are then varnished.



Triang No77
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