Triang No.77 Doors

I don’t have any internal doors for this house, only the front door and garage doors. Sadly the door furniture for the font door is missing.


I will just sand them down and varnish them. I also have the stair case to paint, but first I must treat them for woodworm as I have spotted some little holes, I am not taking any chances.


The garage doors need sanding carefully to keep in the ridges, also the wood by the hinges is very weak and needs strengthening, before new hinges can be fitted. By not doing too much to them, it will add to the character of the house.


This is what I am using as the front door, although I think it might have originally been an internal door as there are no marks showing where a door knocker of letter box may have been fitted.

Having just completed the restoration and alteration of a Triang Stockbroker house, I have spare set of door furniture for this house.

No.77 Front Door

A little side window has also been fitted.


Triang No77
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