Triang No.24 Roof Rebuilding




The roof panels have been separated and painted with woodworm treatment. The red paint has been removed, but some of the impressed tile lines are not very deep so will need touching up. The picture above shows the tools I used to impress the tile lines, a soft brush, a screwdriver, a pointy tool and a hammer. Lines are marked out with a pointy tool, then I gently hit the screwdriver with a hammer [very technical] to mark out the line. Once the lines were complete, there were various holes and edges had to be repaired.

The panel was painted black as a base coat and then brick-red on top, I tried to keep the tile lines black which showed through the red. I found that this effect was a bit strange and too regular. I gave the roof another coat of brick-red, reducing the black lines, then put on a coat of antique pine silk varnish.

The roof is in place and nailed to the supports around the edge of the roof.

While I was busy deciding the colour technique of the roof, I forgot that I had to seal the edges with parcel tape, which would need painting and also the nails. So more roof painting to do.

I placed the door panels in front of the house to make sure it was all level, they still need a bit of work doing, as I have not finished the windows yet. I am not sure if I will put curtains in the frames.



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