Triang No.42 Windows and Beams


The windows are very rusty and distorted, then need repainting, not all the shutters are there and the ones that are there are very worn.


The frames have been stripped of there blue paint, and have been treated with a rust gel.

The metal Triang windows have been taken apart, they were and were quite rusty, especially on the inserts in the grooves where the plastic fits in for the windows.

The frames and the beams have now been painted brown.

The window inserts are hung on a string line and sprayed, each one with several coats of radiator paint. As the radiator paint is matt, they were given a coat of silk spray varnish.

I use a matt water based model paint for the frames as this it is very easy to use and gives a good finish. Then they were given a coat of antique pine varnish. New plastic windows have also been fitted into the inserts.

The beams also had to painted brown, I had to make three new beams out of thick card, as the old ones had split too much to repair.

The brown paint I use needed to be sealed with varnish, the best one I use in Antique Pine silk as it gives a nice finish.


The triangular beam also needed to be painted brown, the other side shows part of the triang label, perhaps it is part of a cardboard packing case, as it is not wood.


Triang No.42
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