Triang No.42 Painting and Finishing


The three front panels have been painted on both sides with county cream emulsion. With other houses I have painted, I varnished them with antique pine varnish, I did this on one panel, but it did not cover well and was a bit patchy. So I mixed some county cream paint with the varnish and the result was very good and the colour was much better.


The front panels have now been painted and nailed and glued into place, also step and piece above the door. The windows and door have been fitted.


All the edges of the roof have new paper parcel tape, and the roof has been painted with brick-red paint, then a coat of antique varnish to soften the colour.


I have started to paint the green on the base, it will take a few coats to give it a good finish.


The outside of No.42 is now finished apart from the chimneys. The inside is not decorated as I want to reproduce the wallpaper which was originally there, it may take sometime. The shutters were the last fixture to fit. The paper shutters I made, were glued onto card, which was then fixed next to the windows on the front. I clipped the ends off of small nail heads and drilled small holes in the cardboard and fitted the heads in.[The shutters in the picture look a bit blue, but they are green.] This house still has no internal decoration or furniture at the moment. The Triang furniture looks a bit odd in it as the ceilings are high, but the rooms are a bit small for 1/12 furniture.

Triang No.42
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