Triang No.61 Windows

Triang No.61 Windows

This house has all its windows, complete with curtains.  The frames and inserts need to be tidied up a bit as they are a little rusty.

Triang No.61 Windows


Triang No.61 Windows

The windows have now been taken apart, the curtains and Perspex removed.

Triang No.61 Windows

As the windows were a bit rusty, so I removed the loose rust and made a smooth surface and then treated them with a rust treatment, which provides a protective surface to paint on.

No.61 Green Window Frames

The window frames have now been painted, in Buckingham Green Gloss paint.  I have not used this colour paint for the frames before, but I am quite pleased with the result.

No.61 Window Inserts

I normally use a spray paint for the window inserts, but this time I thought I would use white gloss paint.  It took a number of coats of paint to get a good result, but they turned out ok.

Triang No.61 Windows Curtains

The windows have been put back together, complete with the curtains. Very happy with the curtains, especially as the material was very fragile.

Triang No.61
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