Triang No.61 Stripping

This is the front panel of the house, it has had a rubber plant stuck to it over the flower decal with very hard glue.

I was going to try and remove the top layer of paint, to try and keep it original as possible.

Triang No.61 Front Panel


Triang No.61 Front Panel

I did manage to remove the top layer of paint, using a craft blade, it revealed the flower decal underneath.

Triang No.61 Front Panel

You can see in the picture above that the hard glue has taken off the layer of paint, so it looks as if I will have to paint it after all.  It is so disappointing, as the paint  seemed to be  coming off nicely.


No.61 roof

The paint on the roof was is in very poor condition, and the tape around the joins of the roof panels has come away, the chimney is also missing.

Triang No.61 Roof

All the red paint from the roof has been removed, along with the tape.  It was a very long and fiddly job, as the roof is made from cardboard, so I had to be careful not to get it too wet, or damage the surface.

Triang No.61 Roof

The house and base have been sanded ready for painting, so I can get on with painting the roof.

I use brown paper parcel tape to cover the joins on the roof.  The gummed parcel tape needs to be made moist so it will adhere to the surface.  I have done this with water before, but over time it begins to lift.  So I have moistened the tape this time with PVA glue and water, hopefully this will provide a longer sticking tape.

I have found it is best to start painting with the roof.


Triang No.61
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