Triang No.61 Fretwork and Garage Doors


No.61 Fretwork

The Fretwork from around the windows, and roof gable on the Triang No.61 has been removed. The roof gable fretwork is made out of cardboard, it has become very fragile around the nail holes.

No.61 Fretwork

Rather than replace the fretwork, I have added some new card on the reverse to give it some support.

No.61 Fretwork

All the fretwork for the house is now complete, with a nice coat of brown paint.  The fretwork around the windows did not need any extra backing support.

The garage doors have been painted red, so they need to have the paint removed.

After removing the paint, I have redone the lines in the door with a round ended tool.

When the hinges were polished, I put masking tape around to protect the wood.

The paint on the reverse side of the doors has gone deep into the wood, so they will have to stay as they are.

Triang No.61
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