2019 Site Updates


If you are a regular visitor to my website, below are the additions and updates added during  2019…

New furniture added

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Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020
Jennys Home Sideboard JH2020
Jenny's Home TV Console JH2022
Jenny’s Home TV Console JH2022
Jenny's Home Table JH2004 and Chairs JH2001
Jenny’s Home Table JH2004 and Chairs JH2001
Triang Cot 1032
Pedigree 8c Cot 1032
Triang Luggage 1142
Triang Luggage 1142
Triang Black and White Wardrobe 1009
Triang Black and White Wardrobe 1009
Jenny's Home Single bed JH2031
Jenny’s Home Single bed JH2031
Jenny's Home Jenny Doll
Blonde Jenny JH50
Post Updates

The Triang Spot On, Jenny’s Home Furniture List has been updated, and item numbers checked

More interesting information has been added to my Post on Triang Style and Design

New Triang House Restoration
Triang Ultra Modern No.50
Triang Ultra Modern No.50
other site updates

A new search box has been added to the site, this can be found in the top right hand side of the menu bar.  When searching it gives the results in words and images.


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