Triang DH/8 Front Panel

This is the front panel of the Triang DH/8, The windows have been repainted and the frames are bent.  The front door does not have any fittings apart from the letter box. [Restoration of Windows].


Reverse side of front panel, showing some unusual wallpaper with chickens and eggs.  I have preserved this panel with mat varnish, so will not be replaced.

Windows and Doors removed.

Nearly ready for painting.

Painting complete, I have mixed white with a little cream, as plain white was too bright.

I made brick wallpaper to go onto the front panel.  It may look as if the brick paper is much lighter than the old one, it is in fact very similar to the original, if you match it to the paper under the window frames.  This area of paper is much lighter as it has been protected.

Restored windows have now been added along with a nice green painted door, with a shiny letter box.

Front Panel complete with new shutters.  I could not find any evidence of any shutters being next to the upstairs windows.  Small holes in the bottom panel showed where the bottom shutters had been.

DH/8 Window

Small nail holes are just visible in the brick paper.

2 thoughts on “Triang DH/8 Front Panel

  • 2022 at

    The preserved paper on the interior of the front is known as “the angry rabbit” and is seen on houses of the 1924 and beyond date. You are correct in assuming that there were no shutters on the upper windows. Your shutter reproductions are very nice,
    I have seen that shade of green on the Lines/Triang 80 and on a 12 – they are more commonly a darker shade of green but I love this more vibrant shade,

    • 2022 at

      Thank you for the information of the paper, it is a shame the picture is not clearer. I tried to get the shutters as close to the original as possible, it was quite difficult even when scanning the originals.


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