My Lundby Collection 2004

On a visit to a local car boot sale a few years ago, I spotted a Lundby Dolls house. It was on a garden base complete with fence and covered with a plastic case. Unfortunately the plastic case was broken and a snail had moved in, and moved out leaving his shell behind, eating the wall paper on the walls of the house. He did not touch the furniture or fittings they were all in good condition. Each item had been glued in place so very little was missing.

Lundby Display Case

Below is the section of the page from the 2004 Lundby Catalogue, which shows the house in the middle surrounded with boxes of furniture.


I removed as much of the glue from the furniture as possible, and fitted new plugs to the ceiling and wall lights and pieces of furniture with lights, also a television and a fish tank. I managed to buy a Lundby transformer from Amazon. Lundby use 4 volt, rather than the standard 12 volt. Many of the furniture items have appeared since the 2000 Lundby catalogue as, although not that old [but I suppose over 10 years is quite a good age for an unplayed with toy] it was a great buy for £20, as the furniture and lighting was in such good condition. This is the family who live in my house…


The house has a lovely fitted kitchen with wooden doors. A fitted bathroom complete with shower, vanity unit and bath. There is also dining room and lounge furniture with various comfy chairs and cushions. I love the detail in this furniture.

My 2004 Lundby Furniture Collection……

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Lundby Dishwasher and Sink Unit
no60.2020 Dining Room Set
no60.2008 Bed Set
no60.3008 Bath


Useful Lundby Sites

Peppes Dollhouses – We love Lundby

‘This website describes a piece of Scandinavian design history in miniature, namely Sweden´s unique production of dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and interior furnishings in modern style, which has achieved worldwide renown and prized both by collectors and by Children at play in many countries.’ There is a great selection of catalogues you can download, including Lundby and Caroline’s Home.

Caroline’s Home – Barton Toys

‘Barton began making dolls house furniture just after the 2nd World War in 1945 as a way of giving employment to demobbed British soldiers. At this time toy houses made from sheet metal by companies such as Tri-ang and Gee-Bees started to mass produced. The doll’s house became the must have toy for every little girl in Britain, and she needed to furnish it.’ If you go to the gallery on this site there are catalogues you can download from various years from 1970.

Official Lundby Site – Lundby Living

For pure inspiration visit the Official Lundby Site, it is full of useful information. The design of the website is as stylish and modern as the furniture and houses they sell, a must visit.


For more examples of Lundby Furniture visit my Board on Pintrest:



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