Triang Princess 2 Original Features

The Princess 2 had some original features which would have been fitted to the house when it was produced. Three of the rooms had fireplaces, the kitchen came with a sink and dresser. The bathroom came with a bath and sink, all these items were made of wood and painted white.




This is the Kitchen, as you can see the floor is a bit of a mess, the right hand corner had to be treated for woodworm, as one of the items of furniture left in the house was infested.




Both the dresser and the kitchen walls have been over painted. They have been painted in the position they were fixed in, so its a bit hit or miss.




The little kitchen sink is fixed in place, it also has been overpainted.



This picture of the bathroom was taken through the back window. The floor paper is complete if a little old and discoloured


The bath is fixed in position and has not been painted over, as the original paint can be seen. The sink is loose, and has been over painted. A pair of curtains has been fitted over the window and they are very old and match the house.

Fireplace3There are 3 of these fireplaces in the house, the backing paper with the flames, is attached to the wall.


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