Triang Princess 2 Bathroom

As I am going to decorate the whole house, I thought it would be silly not to do the bathroom. I will tidy it up and replace the floor, [which is the same pattern as the Kitchen] just to brighten it up. The original bath and sink will be refitted, and a new window put in place. There is a hole in the back wall for a light, which I shall install so that when the door is open you will be able to see inside better.




As with all plans, they are not always as easy as you think. First of all I had to remove the inner wall. This was not an easy task as it was nailed in place, between the two walls, but with a bit of jiggling around I was able to remove the nails, a bit of wood filler will tidy the wall up when the panel is put back in place.




This little room probably hasn’t seen the light of day for many a year, very dusty and dirty. I have removed the bath, which was stuck with a little glue. The floor paper is quite worn on the landing area, but I think a few well placed rugs may work.



I have slightly split the top edge of this panel, but it can soon be repaired. I have started to sand the door frame, I may paint the door in place so I don’t have to remove it.


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