Triang Stockbroker Rebuild Front Opening Panel

Triang Front Panel

The original small front panel has been over painted in white, with black [hard to remove] paint on the beams. The panel did not have hinges on it you can see the holes in the side of the side wall. The more I look at this house the worse it gets.

Triang Front Panel

This panel is made of ply wood, which is made up like a wood sandwich. This sandwich had split and the layers needed gluing. I also had to add some slithers of wood where pieces were missing, you can see this in the top right hand side.

Triang Front Panel

How many clamps does it take to make a wood sandwich? …… [As many as I had in my drawer.]

Triang Front Panel

This is the finished Panel, with its new wooden beams and shiny hinges.

I think when hinges are fitted the panel will have a gap. I am not sure that it should have a space, must study some other pictures of Stockbroker houses to see correct position for them.

Few minutes later …………………………….

I have looked at other picture of the Stockbroker house and how the panel is fitted, and the hinges are on the side of the house as I thought. I did notice that in the pictures the panels did not have a big gap when fitted, why is it then mine has such a large gap. Then it dawned on me I had fitted the hinges the wrong way round. I just don’t seem to be able to get my head round hinges.

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