Triang Stockbroker Rebuild Complete


Well the house is comming together, the roof only needed a little repair, and painting.

The one job I hate doing is painting the base, I don’t no why, but alway find it difficult to get a good finish. I used gloss paint, and then finished with a matt varnish, which gives it a nice sheen.


The garage door is green, but my camera tends to make dark green blue? I like the natural wood beams.

Half Stockbroker Porch

A view of the porch, I need a sundial to go on the chimney breast.


So this is it the house so far, just the windows to restore, and new shutters to fit.

Half Stockbroker

The new windows and shutters have now been added. I have added net curtains to the windows, as the Princess 2. There were 15 window frames and 32 white inserts to strip of paint, rust protect and paint. I had decided to do them all, even if I don’t use them for this house, at least they are done.



Triang Stockbroker

This restoration has been a real dilemma for me, it goes against what I have tried to achieve with my other houses. I had no room for another full size Stockbroker, so I had a choice, break it up for spares, or build something I had room for. I think I made the right choice.


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