My Triang Restoration Projects


Triang No.62Restoration: Various Triang Dolls Houses I have restored with a few little tips and lots of pictures.  Many of these dolls houses are well past there play by date, some just looking for a lick of paint and a freshen up, others had problems with wood worm and water damage.  Each was a challenge and I learnt a few new skills and techniques along the way, like filling a gap made by woodworm with kitchen roll and glue, doing a bit of beam [brass] rubbing with pencil and paper.  It was a bit like make it up as I went along, that’s why I thought I would pass these tips on to you.

Triang WindowWindows: Triang Windows are made up of a metal square window frame with tabs to hold it into position on the house, they come in three colours brown, green and blue depending on the age of the house.  Pre war houses normally have brown and cream windows, Post war green and white.  The two opening window frames slot into two little tabs.   Being metal they are not the easiest to restore, but I have listed a few tips which might help you.

Triang WallpaperWallpaper: This is one of the wallpapers I have been working on for my Triang dollshouse No.42.   I took a picture of the pieces I managed to put together. [My scanner was not working at the time, it would have been more successful than taking a picture because of the angle.]

  Triang Decals: TallFlowersI used water slide decal paper, to make the flower decoration on the front of some of the Triang Houses.  You print your design on one side and then coat with layers of varnish.  When the varnish is dry it is put in water to separate the decal from the backing sheet, you can then slide the decal off onto the surface you want to put it on. This method was quite effective, but very time-consuming, also it is difficult to get the layers of varnish correct, if too many the decal will not adhere to the surface, too less and it is too fragile.  I was happy though that I had achieved my goal to produce a waterslide decal.

 finishedfloorFloor Paper: I have various pieces of floor paper I have managed to salvage from my dollshouses.  This is the one I have been working on.  I also have other floor papers which I have scanned.



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