Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Lounge

Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Lounge Furniture, from the 1976 catalogue.

There is nothing complicated about the design of this furniture, it is solid and well made.  With a good use of different colour wood.


Lounge in Triang No.42

This is a very 70’s pattern, 3 piece suite could be bought as a Windsor 3 piece set 1006, Windsor Lounge 1028 this came with a dark wood sideboard, bear mat and cat.  Each piece was also available as individual items, 2058 Arm Chair, 2059 Settee.

Windsor 3 piece suite 1004
Carolines Home 2.058 Arm Chair
2.058 Arm Chair

The Windsor Lounge set 1028 contained a Tudor sideboard, Windsor 3 piece suite, bear rug and cat.

Barton Tudor Sideboard
Barton Tudor Sideboard
Carolines Home Organ and Grandfather Clock

Dolls love to make music, and this organ is ideal it was available as a carded item 2082.

Barton Organ and Stool
Organ and Stool Carded Furniture 2082

The paper piano keys are starting to lift a bit, but still plays a good tune.  The stool is also used in the bedroom sets Bedroom 1010, Bedroom Suite 1021 and the Twin Bedroom 1023.



This lovely radiogram was sold as an individual carded item 2061, and appeared in Radiogram etc. box set 1008, with a standard lamp round mirror and flower vase.

Barton Radiogram
Radiogram Carded Furniture 2061.

Perhaps Save your Kisses for Me [Brotherhood of Man] or Dancing Queen [Abba] have been played  on this turntable.


2032 Pictures


A well known item from the Caroline’s Home Range, the vase was a carded furniture item sold with the Grandfather clock 2036.  It also came in various room box sets 1008 Radiogram etc, 1012 Bedroom and the 1020 Dining Room Suite.

Barton Vase
Vase Carded Furniture [with Grandfather Clock] 2036


There are various television pictures this one came as a carded item 2054.  It was also available in the upholstered lounge box set 1025, with a standard lamp and a red and white 3 piece suite.

Baron TV
Television Carded Furniture 2054

I am not sure that this televison appears in the 1976, as the surround and picture are different to the one shown.  It looks like the stand is the same as the one used for the Kitchen Chairs.

Triang No.42

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