Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Kitchen

Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Kitchen Furniture, from the 1976 catalogue.

There is nothing complicated about the design of this furniture, it is solid and well made.  With a good use of different colour wood, and molded plastic.



The Kitchen Unit and Wall Cupboard were sold as an individual carded item, but was available in various room sets.  1016 with a round table and chairs, also the larger set which also contained the sink unit

Barton Kitchen Unit
Kitchen Unit and Wall Cupboard with card decoration. Carded Furniture 2064
Barton Kitchen Unit
Kitchen Base Unit
Barton Kitchen Cupboard
Kitchen Wall Cupboard with decorative card.

This is a lovely kitchen when it is all put together, I have an extra Kitchen Wall Unit, without the decorative card attached.


Available as an individual carded item this sink was also part of two room sets.  1017 with a wall unit and washing machine, also with the larger room set with base complete with wall unit, 2 kitchen chairs and round table.

Barton Sink Unit
Sink Unit Carded Furniture 2067

In the catalogue the sink is silver, but this one is white.


Both of these items were available in individual carded items, there were 2 chairs in the pack.  They also appeared in various room sets, 1016 with the kitchen unit and the larger set containing the kitchen unit and sink.

2065 Chair 2066 Table

The chair and table are not in great condition, but I am using the dining room table and chairs in the kitchen at the moment.  I think the same base on the chair was used for the TV Stand.



The electric Cooker was sold as an individual carded item complete with pots, pans and meat?  It was also sold with the refrigerator pots, pans and meat.

Barton Oven 2070
Oven 2070 [with Pots and Pans]

Barton Oven 2070

This oven is made of quite a soft plastic.

2040 Pots and Pans – sold with the oven

The red paint has been rubbed of through play on the handles, as least it was well used.

2040 Pots and Pans - sold with the oven
2040 Pots and Pans – sold with the oven

This is my rather tatty collection of pots, tray and meat.  You can just about make out the sausage and eggs in the pan.  I may just paint them, not quite the done thing I know, but they are not worth much in the state they are in.


A refrigerator is a necessity in an modern kitchen, this one came as an individual carded item.  Also part of the room set 1015, with an oven and various pots, pans and meat items.

Refrigerator 2071

This is quite a neat little fridge and is complete, with the salad drawer at the bottom.

Barton Food
Selection of Food Items Carded Furniture [with fridge] 2071
A selection of the food which came with the fridge, I think there are two bottles, perhaps a lettuce, a chicken, a jelly and a butter pack.



The plates of food 2050 came in a pack of 6 including a jelly and an iced cake.

Barton Food
Plates Food [4] 2050
On the menu tonight we have, Fish and Chips, Chop, Boiled Potatoes and cabbage, Sausage, Egg and two Red Blobs or Steak, New Potato and Peas, take your pick.

Barton Caroline's Jelly
Jelly 2050


The bread board came in a pack with cutlery and a wooden cutlery holder 2043.

Carolines Home Breadboard
Breadboard and Knife 2043 – sold with cutlery box
Cutlery Tray 2043
Cutlery Tray 2043 – sold with breadboard and knife
Carolines Home Breadboard
This could be a chocolate cake with knife …. not sure

Carolines Home 2053 Dinner Tea Set
2053 56 Piece Dinner/Tea Set

This Dinner/Tea Set 2053, contained …. 4 tea cups, 4 plates, 4 stemmed glasses, 4 glass bowls, 4 knives, 4 small knives, 4 forks, 4 small forks, 4 soup spoons, 4 desert spoons, 4 tea spoons, 4 ?, butter dish, condiment set, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, candle stick. [This does not add up to 56, so I think they must include lids in the total]

Barton Butter Dish
Butter Dish Carded Furniture [part of 50 piece Dinner/Tea Set] 2053
Barton Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper Carded Furniture [part of 50 piece Dinner/Tea Set] 2035

It always amazes me that these items are toys and have been played with, and yet the butter dish has its butter, and the toaster has its toast.


2048 Silver Tea Set
2048 Silver Tea Set

The silver tea set consists of a tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 4 cups and saucers.  These are quite large items for 1/16 scale.

2.048 Silver Tea Set
2048 Silver Tea Set


The toaster, toast, food mixer and a plate [not sure what it is, but could be a chicken] came together as a set 2041.

Barton Toaster and Toast
Toaster Carded Furniture [with food mixer and other items] 2041
Barton Caroline's Food Mixer
Food Mixer part of the 2041 set
Chicken on a plate
Chicken on a plate

I have added the chicken on a plate image, until I discover what was in this set.

2.045 Vac Cleaner, Carpet Sweeper
2.045 Vac Cleaner, Carpet Sweeper




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