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Below is a selection of my Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Accessories, from 1976 catalogue.  Some appear in various box sets.

Barton Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock [with vase] Carded Furniture 2036

Notice on the clock face ABC, [A B Barton & Co.]I have 2 other clocks with the same letters on the face.  These probably early Barton 50’s or 60’s, but not sure.  My knowledge of Barton is very limited, and I am finding it hard to find out any information.

Barton Clock

Barton Clock

Barton TV
Television with Stand Carded Furniture 2054

Barton Aquarium
Aquarium Carded Furniture [with bird cage] 2034
Metal Bird Cage Carede Furniture [with Aquarium] 2034
Plastic Bird Cage Carede Furniture [with Aquarium] 2034

The metal Bird Cage is the original of the two shown above.  My plastic one in the second picture is a bit damaged.  They are both the same size, but the plastic green fittings are different, also there is a clear plastic edging around the newer model.

This Aquarium is only small, but fits lovely on a Sideboard, with the flower vase below.

Barton Vase
Vase Carded Furniture [with Grandfather Clock] 2036
Barton Radiator
Radiator Carded Furniture [with electric fire and picture] 2037

Quite an odd item to have, one radiator, in a set with an electric fire and a picture.  Some of the furniture combinations are quite random.


For more examples of Barton Toys Caroline’s Home Furniture visit my Board on Pintrest:

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