Wallpaper for the No.42 House

This is one of the wallpapers I have been working on for my Triang dollshouse No.42.

This is the room the wallpaper came from, it was very difficult to take it off in one piece and I had one reasonable size and lots of little bits.

I took a picture of the pieces I managed to put together. [My scanner was not working at the time, it would have been more successful than taking a picture because of the angle.]

Using Photoshop I began to tidy up the picture.

I had to join two pieces of train together to make one good one.



The finished wallpaper ready for printing. I am quite pleased with the result.

I have now cleaned up the wallpaper a bit more making the colours more crisp.


This is the next wallpaper I have completed for my No.42 dollshouse.

As you can see, it has been scribbled on with a crayon and decorated with stickers, it is also badly ripped.

I scanned the wallpaper into my computer, rather that photograph it as it gave me a better pattern size.

I then cleaned up the pattern using Photoshop.

This is the finished result, I am very pleased with it, it was much harder to do than I thought it would.


Wiggly Wallpaper

This is the most difficult wallpaper I have done.

I could only save scraps from the walls, and I could not see a pattern, it all looked very random. The pieces were very stained, dirty and water damaged First of all I scanned in the pieces I had managed to salvage.



Studying the pieces I had, I tried to make a pattern out of them, using Photoshop I trimmed the pieces and gave each one its own layer. I numbered each piece so it was easier to keep track of each section I was moving. Once I had formed a pattern, I joined two pieces of the puzzle.together, to give a bigger area to work on. Then I traced each part of the patern with corresponding colours.

The shaded square shows the pattern which is repeated, and can be joined together to make a complete sheet of wallpaper.


I selected a suitable back ground and built each part of the pattern up in separate layers. I think I might have to adjust the green, as it is not quite right yet. The scrapes of paper I had were not very green, so it was hard to match the colour.




I have also been able to produce one of the other papers with a similar pattern but different colours.

You can see by the room and what I could salvage in the scan below, how difficult it is to get the colours right.


Although I have achieved the pattern of the wallpaper, I am not totally happy with the effect of this one or the green, as it seems very flat, and too precise.


Wallpaper for No.24 House

This is a paper I have reproduced from my No.24 house.  As you can see it has lots of woodworm holes in it, and a paper sticker.  It also has water damage and crayon like most of the house.




I am really happy with this paper, I think it is one of the best I have done.



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  1. You did a great job with these papers. We have to replace wall paper in our 61 so although we don’t have Photoshop we’ll try to do it with another editing program eventually.

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