Triang No.50


This is my new house to restore, it has more work to do on it than I first thought.


The roof needs replacing as the card roof has been replaced with plywood.   I am not sure if the hinges are original, but the wood has split and needs repairing.


I have started to remove the brick paper and  paint from the metal front, I think it has been treated with a green paint for rust.  There is not a lot of the original paint remaining.  When I removed the paint I found that on the remaining original paintwork there was painted flowers, which I was surprised to find.  I thought that these houses were either plain or decorated with flower decals.  I should be able to copy these when I repaint the front.

The Tri-ang label had been painted over with two coats of paint.  Using a cotton bud and paint stripper, I carefully removed the paint.  Although not a perfect job, I thought it was not too bad as it was covered with so much paint.


I have finished preparing my No.50 Dollshouse ready for painting.  It has taken such a long time, as there was so much surface rust which had to be treated, and a lot of paint to remove.

I managed to remove the door by taking out the pins on the hinges, I will replace them with small nails.  All the paint has been removed and will be repainted its original colour.

The front panel has now been repainted.  When I stripped off the paint I noticed flowers painted on, I have not seen them on other houses of this style before, so I thought I would reproduce them.  All that is needed is the front door.

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