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Triang No.77


Hi my name is Lee, and I live in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, my main passion is collecting and restoring Vintage Triang Dolls Houses. Many of these dolls houses are well past there play by date, some just looking for a lick of paint and a freshen up, others had problems with wood worm and water damage. Each was a challenge and I learnt a few new skills and techniques along the way, like filling a gap made by woodworm with kitchen roll and glue, doing a bit of beam [brass] rubbing with pencil and paper. It was a bit like, make it up as I went along.



I love all things miniature, and admire the talented people who make them. I have had a go at most things, it is amazing how much you learn when decorating a dollshouse, from wallpapering to electrics, from fimo food to miniature hats, I’ve tried them all. The electrics I’ve masters, the fimo food, well I tried, wallpapering not bad, and miniature hats, the mad hatter would be impressed!


I have been collecting Triang furniture for some time now, it is quite difficult now to find the smaller and more unusual items.  Jenny’s Home furniture also forms part of my collection, which I have found is much harder to find.  It is interesting to see how the furniture had evolved over the years.

I hope you enjoy reading about my restoration projects, feel free to comment or contact me. []  I am not an expert by any means, but I may be able to point you in the right direction. Many Thanks Lee.

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    I’m currently attempting to referbish a Triang no 41. And I’m wondering if you know what it might have looked like inside originally? I have found lots of pictures of the outside but none inside.

    Hoping you can help.

    Yours in miniature!

  • 2022 at

    So glad I’ve found your wonderful site!


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